Komatsu Forestry Quality™

Five decades

of forestry effectiveness

Our mission, and passion, is to provide technical solutions that meets the forestry industry’s changing needs.

On this site, you can see some of the results from the first 50 years: Strikes of genius. Ambitions trials (of which some were ahead of its time). But mostly results from a determined, purposeful day-to-day development – because forestry quality is an every-day endeavor…


Two Nordic Starting Points

In Sweden, the company Umeå Mekaniska was founded by Lennart Bergholm in Umeå, 700 km north of Stockholm, in a region characterized by a strong forestry and product development tradition. Umeå Mekaniska’s special interest in solutions for mechanizing manual industrial work for enhanced safety and productivity. After initially helping SCA with lifting equipment for the paper industry, Umeå Mekaniska got the assignment to try to make the work of logging easier. The result: Skruven – A unique slash-bundler concept and the first important step in mechanized logging. In Finland, the state-owned Valmet’s tractor division in Tourula in the north east part of the country, spearheaded by the legendary engineer Olavi Sipilä was selected by the Brazilian government to produce tractors for the South American market. 

Together these two parts of what will become todays Komatsu Forest started a rumor in the machine industry: There is something special about the Nordic machine know-how…

The same year:

• January 30 – President John F. Kennedy delivers his first State of the Union Address

• April 12 – Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space.

• October 12 – The death penalty is abolished in New Zealand.

..and "Barbie" gets a boyfriend when the "Ken" doll is introduced.

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Our promise: Forestry Quality

Due to our history of meeting forestry needs with new technology, constant improvements and forestry industry dedication, Komatsu Forest knows the true meaning of quality and the unique requirements that are demanded in today’s and tomorrow’s forestry work. We emphasize with an expression – Forestry Quality – that serves as the summary of our core values (click on the plus-signs):

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The future - Kaizen and Dantotsu

Komatsu Forest continues to set news standard for truly effective and sustainable forestry. It is an ongoing journey of know-how and know-why: Our promise to the forestry companies, to the entrepreneurs and to the forestry owners is to bring constant improvements (or as it is expressed in japanese: ”kaizen”) that will create unique advantages (”dantutsu”) in our products and for our customers. That’s quality. Forestry Quality.

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